If you'd like to know a little bit about the person behind the lens - here it is. Hello. I'm Steph.

A photographer based in Disley, Cheshire. I am married and mum to 3 gorgeous children. Me and mine are fortunate enough to live right next to Lyme Park, home to Lyme Hall (the scene for many a period drama, 'one' will have you know). This is where I get to spend lots of my time with my 5D MkIII (for the benefit of my mother... that's a camera!) slung over my shoulder taking shots and ultimately creating beautiful images of and for my lovely customers.

I spent a lot of my childhood down South and if I start talking to anyone with a strong southern accent, I end up sliding into some weird half Mancunian, half Cornish "Oooh I drive a tractor" accent. They say mixing business with pleasure is a no no but a lot of my clients are friends and have remained so (I think that says alot!). I love socialising with friends and family. I drink way too much.... tea - what did you think I was going to say? (milk, no sugar thanks!) and am constantly either on a strict healthy diet or stuffing my face with junk food! I, to date, seem to have found no happy medium.

I have a genuine passion for my craft and strive to create natural and emotive images, always keen to capture something unique and individual. With a background in design, both graphically and in handcrafted artwork, and (it would be fair to say) a near obsession with perfection, I promise to focus on ensuring you have the best service and experience from start to finish.