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Izzy and Nics Stockport Town Hall and Deanwater Wedding

January 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes to photographing for friends, I think the pressure is on even more than normal! Never more so, when the brief is just that... 'brief'! Other than making sure I got some decent pics of their girls, they both expressed a strong wish not to be posed or messed about with - fine by me!! When Nic came to speak to me about their Wedding - the conversation mainly consisted of us reminiscing about being in our teens/twenties, politics (this was admittedly quite brief due to my ignorance!) and work - Oooh then there was the final two minutes of Nic saying something along the lines of "Just do what you do, Steph - that'll be fine!"

I met them both at Stockport Town Hall - the rain poured down but nothing could dampen their spirits - they were so relaxed about the whole thing.. well, they seemed to be.  Izzy looked stunning in a beautiful lace dress - Nic scrubbed up well too (sorry Nic - couldn't resist)! Their two beautiful little bridesmaid daughters walked down the aisle as Nic did his best to hide the tears in his eyes (we saw them Nic!), Izzy was led down the aisle by her father towards a very proud looking husband-to-be.  Once the formalities were over - there was a quick dash to the cars.

Still raining when we reached The Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow but shortly after our arrival the sun broke through the clouds and once the speeches and Wedding Breakfast were finished everyone flooded out onto the terrace. Their choice of song for the first dance sparked smiles all round and as they jived around to Pharrell Williams' Happy - everyone joined in and the dancing continued into the evening.

The most important thing to them really was for everyone to have a great party and that we did! Yes, me included - back to a friends hotel room for a quick freshen up, flat shoes off and party heels on and I was back! Where's the bar?!!!!

So lovely to be asked to do this and great to see so many familiar faces - thanks Nic and Izzy!  They recently left message this in my guestbook - Cheers!

"I'd seen some of Stephanie's photos prior to our wedding and never gave it a second thought, she was the one for our special day. I especially liked her style of capturing the moment without false staging.  We've enjoyed viewing the slide show she prepared many times since our wedding last May.
Thanks again Steph xxx"

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